Google Doodles: A Lesson in Type

Assignment 2 for my typography class: Create a Google Doodle.

In order to explore and experiment with type, I’ve created a few Google Doodles for class that I thought I’d share here, just for fun. There’s a whole archive of Google Doodles here for inspiration, but my goal was to come up with my own Doodle that would commemorate or recognize someone or something of meaning to me.

Lots of ideas came to mind (many of which cannot be pursued because of time constraints):

I thought back to my childhood: Jem, Care Bears (old school), Polka Dot Door, the City of Calgary, Where’s Waldo?, Mr. Roger’s Neighbourhood, Picture Pages …Can you tell I’m an 80’s kid!?

I thought about things close to me in the present: Lady Gaga, Degrassi, Learning American Sign Language (ASL), Design Thinking

My Toronto life: TTC (the subway), Rob Ford

And some artful inspiration: Banksy, Group of Seven, Salvador Dali, David Hockney

The winners were Banksy, Where’s Waldo? and ASL as you can see here, above and below. I had fun with the types here, particularly maintaining the spray paint aesthetic for Banksy’s doodle and drawing the hands for the ASL doodle – simple but works. And giving credit where credit is due: Here is Banksy’s piece (original here). I traced an image of Waldo for the Waldo Doodle.

Crit is tomorrow…wish me luck!

And, Enjoy!

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